More than ever before, we are committed to providing children and caregivers safe and successful therapy services. That’s why HM therapists now offer private and comprehensive services over video conference.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps kids engage in activities that matter the most to them and their families.

Our Occupational Therapists carefully tailor unique treatment plans so that children develop important foundational skills to achieve their potential.

Occupational Therapy helps in a variety of skills, including:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy helps children develop, maintain, and restore functional movement for strong bodies throughout their lifespan.

Our Physical Therapists are experts in finding fun ways to encourage functional independence in the home, school, and community environments.

Physical Therapy helps in a variety of skills, including:

Speech Language Pathology

Speech Therapy addresses the development, maintenance, and restoration of speech and language skills.

Our Speech Therapists are highly trained with a focus on making communication functional and meaningful.

Speech therapists helps in a variety of skills, including:


Pediatric Psychologists use research-based tools to help children and families develop social-emotional regulation skills, interpersonal communication, and essential coping skills.

Our experienced psychologists can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation to help a child’s team to develop a plan to best support areas of identified need.

Psychologists & Counselors help children, families, & schools in many areas. Below are just a few:

Infant Education

Infant Education provides a family-centered, play-based approach to intervention. They assess, support, refer, and educate in accordance with a child’s developmental level.

Our Infant Educators strive to provide evidence-based resources and cutting-edge treatment strategies to help a child reach their potential.

Infant educators help in a variety of ways:

Behavior Services

Board-Certified Behavioral Analysists (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) provide child-centered strategies and customized family support to promote the well-being of children of all abilities.

Our BCBAs and RBTs work collaboratively with a child’s team and utilize research-backed principles of behavior to reinforce building upon strengths, while reducing problematic behaviors.

Additional Educational Services

At HM we offer a variety of services to help your child succeed academically

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