Describe Your Work in One Sentence

The care our providers give at HM Systems is multidimensional, just like the providers themselves. They bring their best to their work, including their life experiences and unique perspectives. We strive to empower our team to take advantage of opportunities for learning, mentorship and reflection. And we’ve found this makes a direct and positive impact on the alliances our providers make with children, families and educators.

We asked four providers to sum up their work in a single sentence. Here’s what they said:

I empower my clients and their families to develop the skills and knowledge needed to promote their fullest participation and independence in meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities of daily living. Lindsey Voytilla

At its heart, pediatric therapy is about cultivating rich connections with children and their caregivers to support meaningful engagement in daily life. Tamara Delaney

I work together with children and their caregivers to create individualized treatment plans that focus on improving social skills, communication, or adaptive skills to increase overall development and promote independence! Shelby Tanaka

For me the “O” (in occupational therapy) symbolizes being a friend, an advisor, a leader, a mentor, a comedian, a shoulder to cry on, and ultimately a well-rounded therapist that may change a few lives along the way.   Stephen Ferrang

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