Core Values, Company Culture and Why it Matters to You

two female colleagues

HM Systems Inc. otherwise known as HM Therapy, is a result of a call to service for two occupational therapists, Kyle and Alice Heebner. Together they’ve built a space for children to have access to therapists whose unparalleled knowledge and experience are matched by their love of children and the families and educators who care for them.

At the heart of the company are its core values. HM has been deliberate in creating a set of core values, reflecting the vision of its two founders and encompassing the values of the team they’ve composed to carry them out. They guide HM’s operations and relationships.

But talking about core values at a team meeting or posting them on a website doesn’t automatically make these things true. And so HM continuously and conscientiously strives to weave these values throughout the DNA of the company. From the initial interview of a new staff member to the first meeting of a therapist and child, HM puts these values into action. The culture of HM is the cultivated outcome of listening to the perspectives and values of the community and bringing them together to provide the very best in pediatric services.

HM Systems turns core values into a measurable promise made and kept.

  • HHumility. Everyone has something valuable to contribute. We provide our services with respect, healthy confidence and with a spirit of collaboration.
  • MMeaning.  We are unified as one Dream Team,where enduring relationships are the foundation of our work. We embrace challenges, remove barriers and seek opportunities for forward momentum.
  • SService. At the center of our purpose is our fierce commitment to honesty and ethical decision making at all levels, in all settings, in service of others.

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