How Children View OT

Occupational Therapy is an evidence-based health profession that supports one’s participation in essential every-day activities (“occupations”) and enables people of all ages and abilities to engage in occupations that are most meaningful to them. The environment and strategies are carefully customized, taking into account each individual’s unique physical, social, emotional and psychological profile.

In honor of OT Month, we asked some of the children in our practice a few questions about Occupational Therapy and the therapists they know (and love). Here’s how it went:

What’s the best part of seeing your Occupational Therapist each week?

I learn new games to help my hands and eyes do their work. – Alexis, age 6

He makes me LAUGH so much. – Sophie, age 4

She gives me things to help me with my wiggles in class. – Daniel, age 8

She’s really into dinosaurs, like me! – Jackson, age 10

What is Occupational Therapy?

It’s about making these big bobstickle courses (A what?) A bobstickle course. (Ah, yes. Obstacle courses are so fun!) – Samuel age 6

We figure out ways to do things by myself. – Isabel, age 9

Drawing in sand and slime! – Amara, age 5

It’s where I get to choose what to work on so that I can reach my goals. – Nathan age 12

Pediatric Occupational Therapists have specialized knowledge in the following areas:

Gross Motor – how the child moves their body for activities such as running, jumping and climbing
Fine Motor – how the child uses their hands and fingers for things like using a pencil, playing games with small pieces, using scissors
Self-help – including daily tasks such as self-feeding, brushing teeth, managing belongings
Visual Perception – processing and interpreting visual information
Social and Play – interacting with others in structured and unstructured contexts
Sensory Processing – how the child notices, interprets and responds to sensory information in the world around them
Executive Function – how the child plans, attends to and executes goal-directed activities
Self-Regulation – managing one’s emotions

Happy OT Month and a special thank you to the occupational therapists removing barriers so that children may THRIVE! For more information, please reach out to Tamara Delaney, MA OTR/L at:

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